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Troy Taylor
Certified Rolfer™

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What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing Structural Integration is an amazingly therapeutic form of bodywork developed by Dr. Ida Rolf more that 50 years ago. In Rolfing Structural Integration we work with the body’s connective tissue to achieve balance and align the segments of the body in gravity. The connective tissue is called fascia and can be thought of as a web-work that interweaves throughout the body. RolfersTM work to promote span, balance and ease of movement between the layers of fascia by applying techniques of manual pressure combined with client movement.


People come to Rolfing® Structural Integration for many reasons. Recreational and professional athletes may seek out Rolfing to help their performance. Others have used Rolfing to reduce stress and improve flexibility. Those suffering from chronic pain may turn to Rolfing to as an alternative to surgery or more invasive procedures. For some, Rolfing is sought after as a bodymind therapy for their own self-development.


Rolfing has helped people with:

  • Chronic neck and back pain

  • Improved athletic performance

  • Rehabilitation from injury

  • Stress reduction

  • Repetitive strain injury

  • More flexibility

  • Improved sense of energy and vitality


For more information, please contact:

Troy Taylor, Certified Rolfer™



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